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Deborah Kalb, Author, Editor + Blogger

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Jessica Rachow, Blogger

"Keli Hammond very clearly knows what she is talking about. Sometimes self-help books aren’t as helpful when you don’t feel like the author is an expert. However, this isn’t the case here. Keli Hammond’s knowledge is incredible. The way she lays out all the information she has to give is so well organized. If you need help with marketing, or even if you think you don’t, you need to read Craved. I can’t recommend this enough!"

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Storeybook Reviews, Book Reviewers

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Marilyn R. Wilson, Best-Selling Author + Speaker

"I found myself highlighting sections all through out that struck a chord for me such as - Marketing is not promotion. Marketing is not is the process of getting people to care about what you do and why you do it." and "A brand is an experience. It's a promise and a commitment to people." I zoomed through my first read just letting the impact of all the author shared wash over me.  My standard practice.  Now it's time to go back through with journal and pen in hand and work through the exercises, fine tune my brand and what it offers and look at ways to market in line with my passions - giving wings to the stories of other and celebrating diversity."

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Lynchburg Mama, Blogger

"Marketing is a complex field — yet Keli has put it into perspective on a real, natural level. I can take her advice and easily put it into use. I have been building my blog in precisely the way I want it to be — if I want it to fail. I am excited about how I can shift my focus and build more than words on a screen — I can build a BRAND! And the great thing is that I can feel confident in seeing it through the failures. Those are simply bricks to build up my knowledge, creativity, and resources. We instantly align marketing and selling together. Even when I took marketing in college, the ultimate goal taught was simply to sell. CRAVED is a game-changer. And it’s created a game that I’m going to win!"

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Corinne Rodrigues, Blogger

"I found the content very insightful, easy to read and very well laid out. Most of all I appreciated the tone – friendly and personal. I read the book very quickly, but I know I’ll be going back to it to really soak it all in. I would certainly recommend this book to all bloggers trying to build their brand and startup business owners."

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